China Environment

Our Fontane ACM Industrial Park in China is located in Cuiheng, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, China, near Macau and Hong Kong. Fontane ACM China has settled here 31 years ago as the first foreign investment in this area. In our China industrial park, we keep up and maintain a beautiful nature environment. The total land is 34,000 square meters and the green area of the factory environment has achieved 90%.


China Electronic
Fontane ACM China manufacturing both adopts highly skilled operators and all kinds of ROHS automatic/ semi-automatic equipments. Our top-ranking R&D engineering team supports the production and designing of fixture and test equipment as well as designing products in the area of electronic, mechanical and plastic. In advanced contract manufacturing and designing, we adapt existing designs to meet local requirements (for instance, PCBs, tooling, LCDs) in close cooperation with our clients. We also make art designs for our production and packing.

China Mechanical
And our machine hall performs tooling design and mass production of metal parts. It is equipped with advanced machinery for pressing, drilling, lathing, milling or cutting. Our professional team of technicians and engineers supervise the production and our quality control system ensures the highest quality level for our products.
Also, we started plastic injection activities more than ten years ago. Our injection hall now works with mature technical know-how and we are able to satisfy high precision requirements. Our fully automatic injection machines have a capacity of 800 grams per injection.

Our Fontane ACM Industrial Park in China is certified with ISO 9001 and 9002 versions 2008. All our customers have audited Fontane ACM as A-supplier.
Our internal culture demands zero fault and mistake both in production and related services.
Fontane ACM Group's vision is to handle most or all manufacturing activities of our partners on a safe, step-by-step development basis thus freeing them to develop new products and satisfy their well-established customer networks with competitive prices.