Founded by Mr. Hartmut Voelkner in the late 1970s in Hong Kong, Fontane ACM has grown from 5 employees to 5 companies and 2 factories, with German expertise, strict engineering control, and updated technology know-how. Under the "Whole-Solution "service, it now stays ahead of competitors.

>1979: Fontane ACM was founded by Mr. Voelkner in Hong Kong.


>1980: Fontane Electronic started production of digital clocks and watches in Hong Kong.


>1981: Fontane ACM had set up an additional production plant in Macau, developed OEM production for German customers.


>1984: A new plant was established in Cuiheng, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, China, near Macau.


>1986: Fontane ACM Group started with its own R&D, production of  timers, digital measuring equipments, electronic devices, to name a few of our products.


>1987: We expanded our production in China and set up our own Industrial Park. Production was made with the help of SMD, computer controlled re-flow facilities, bonding machines, etc. We started the production of mechanical parts including plastic and metal painting in our own machine hall.


>1994: In October 1994, ACE ACM Poland started production. Fontane ACM Group's regular customers extended to America, Australia and several European countries.


>1997: We enlarged our R&D and concentrated on wireless transmission. We established a close cooperation between our factories in China and in Poland: Most of the electronic parts were produced and assembled in China whereas the mechanical assembly for some products was generally done in Poland.


>1998: In November 1998, Fontane ACM China passed ISO9001: 1994 Certificate for production and development.


>1999/2000: The arrival of the new millennium brought both opportunities and challenges to Fontane ACM Group. Our people made the most of this time to further expand business, perfect products and service quality.


>2001: The introduction of advanced plastic injection machines increased largely our plastic production capacity. Our know-how became more and more mature, and we were preparing for further growth. ACE ACM Poland got the ISO9002 certificate.


>2003: Fontane ACM China got the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate.


>2005: European regulations for lead free products and reduction of hazardous substances -RoHS- were new opportunities for us to improve the quality of our products and services. We were already working on our production process to be ready to offer our customers lead-free products before the deadline of July 6th 2006. We invested in new reflow-oven and lead-free soldering equipments.


>2006/2007: ACM Group invested $5 million to perfect each technical area, such as production equipments, production line, production environment, etc. Cooperating with eight new customers and developing many advanced production projects. The technique had already achieved to international advanced level.


>2008: We enlarged our machine hall as well as increased many CNC machines, those enlargement enhanced our production capacity.


>2009: Fontane ACM China gained ISO9001:2008 certificate and UL certificate.


The greening area of the work environment had achieved 90%.