Fontane ACM's culture is not carried on by only one person. It has been created in the long run, by all the employees, no matter their location or job position.

Our strong corporate culture lies down in three main points

The first point is our continual search for improvement.

We do not look for big changes, but for small improvements which - put all together one after another - lead to better work and higher quality. Every employee is deeply committed into the quality process and tries to improve his work step by step.


Another key factor of success of Fontane ACM is our people's awareness of the importance of team cooperation and teamwork.

We know that when working in team, one plus one equals more than two. Many of our workers in China are employed by ACM China for more than 10 years and some even more than 20 years. They all know how valuable it is to belong to a teamwork that has gained high efficiency as time passed.


The most important element of our culture is our dedication to customers.
Fontane-ACM is a customer-oriented group that always tries utmost to enhance customer satisfaction. Our customers are placed in the center of our organization, and we are fully aware that we could not go on without them.


As the soul of an enterprise, corporate culture has become the critical factor for the enterprise's everlasting survival and steady growth. The new era of Knowledge Economics brings us a common sense, whoever has strength in culture, which has strength in competition in profitability and development.

So to win the common supports of every employee has significantly strengthened the enterprise's cohesion and centripetal force as well every employee's homelike sense, and has largely propelled the Group's careers.