ACE-ACM Poland was established in 1994 in Bialogard as the European manufacturing site of Fontane ACM Group. It is only three hours away from Berlin.

ACE-ACM Poland is the owner of 11,000 square meters area and 2,000 square meters of floor space. We care about our environment therefore we try to surround our facilities with green places, plants, fountains, etc.




We are well equipped for electronic production and any kind of labor-intensive work. We can also produce our own plastic parts. Using the latest technology with traditional hand craft assembly techniques, we are confident that we can satisfy all your requirements regarding assembly, circuit development, electronic technology and systems, digital and radio devices, wireless transmitters and many more.




ACE mechanical department has a long lasting tradition (since 1994) in preparing metal and copper parts, designing tools and establishing various mechanical production technologies. We are capable of drilling, milling, cutting, lathing, welding, bending, glass beads cleaning and soldering metal parts. Our team of designers, engineers, skilled technicians and specialists cares about highest quality of our products according to ISO 9001 requirements. The unique combination of experience and technical knowledge allows meeting all the customers' requirements in the fields of mechanical treatment, welding, soldering and designing.




Fontane ACM Group's vision is to handle most or all of our partners manufacturing activities on a safe, step-by-step development basis thus freeing them to develop new products and satisfy their well-established customer networks with competitive prices. We always deliver on time and keep our customers requirements as our first goal to achieve. The way to perfection is endless, and we never stop.