Global strategic partnership and know-how safety

In the global current economy with low costs, fast communications and efficient logistic systems, we are on the way to a one-world market in a "global village". Trans-regional cooperation combines the strength of local areas for the benefit of all.


 The three main pillars of value creation are:

  1. Research and Development (R&D)
  2. Production
  3. Marketing

      In the global market, R&D and marketing remain mostly in Western countries while production moves more and more to Eastern countries with low manufacturing costs - Asia and particularly China, and Eastern Europe with the new members of the European Union

     Production and service costs in European countries such as Germany, France or Great Britain are high. These countries are increasingly unable to compete against the fast improving manufacturing skills of the developing Eastern regions.

      Fontane ACM Group - with German ownership and management - has built up these skills over decades in southern China, not far from Hong Kong, and in Poland, as a contract manufacturer for both semi-finished goods and turn-key products. This includes all the skills needed in manufacturing of electronic and mechanical parts (plastic and metal parts) as well as testing abilities. We can produce not only big quantities in China but also small quantities in Poland. We offer increasingly complete solutions as systems suppliers.

      Large global industrial players establish their own local production sites worldwide but this is financially too demanding and risky for small and medium companies. If they form joint ventures, they might lose their precious know-how within a few years and face low-cost competition of their own products sooner or later. Fontane ACM Group is 100% owner of its factories in China and Poland and has no local partnership besides some strictly controlled subcontractors. Most of the production is made inhouse for better control of quality and know-how.

      Customers' know-how protection is a permanent concern in Fontane ACM Group and we have a clean shirt with no customer complaint for more than 20 years. Agreements can be made under German law with our Customer Service Center in Hamburg.

      Fontane ACM Group's primary target as a global contract manufacturer is to give our industrial partners complete solutions for their production, which is the main reason for us to have production sites both in China and Poland. We offer complete service of all production activities including mechanical design and tooling, material management and comprehensive testing. Both locations together offer the whole spectrum of our customers-partners' requirements in cost reduction and enable us to be close and fast for our European customers. In our Industrial Park in China, we can also handle big volumes for our North-American industrial partners.

       Fontane ACM Group is not producing and selling its own products on consumer markets. We offer wireless applications for industrial customers. We have developed that knowledge in wireless for more than ten years; and have won our extended manufacturing expertise over decades of dedicated work for various industries. Our engineering department can do all the design work required for production and testing. We can also help our partners with some non-vital development works of software and hardware if requested.

       Our factories are certified with ISO 9001 and 9002 version 2000. All our customers have audited Fontane ACM as A-supplier. Our internal culture demands zero fault and mistake both in production and related services. Fontane ACM Group's vision is to handle most or all manufacturing activities of our partners on a safe, step by step development basis thus freeing them to develop new products and satisfy their well-established customer networks with competitive prices.

We are your strategic partner - never competitor.

Fontane ACM Group
Hartmut Voelkner