ACM China is located in the famous Cuiheng of Zhongshan district in Guangdong province. In our China industrial park, we keep up and maintain a beautiful nature environment. The total land is 34,000 square meters and the green area of the factory environment has already achieved 90%.


                  Our plant and building                                                                 Our garden


                         IQC building                                                                         Machine-Hall

We provide our employees in the area of sports, activities and celebrations. In our China industrial park, we hold a basketball field that used for playing with other companies' teams and doing morning exercises, a beach volleyball field for leisure amusement, four badminton fields and a barbecue place.



                     Our beach volleyball field                                                     Our badminton fields


Our Industry Park is located in the hometown of the famous Dr. Sun Yat Sen, a forerunner of China revolution in modern times, that is surrounded by green plants, fragrant flower and whispering birds. Workers who are not local people can get a room in our dormitories. And a staff mess hall can provide lunch and diner for our employees. We also have our own Doctor Clinic that supplies reliable Medicare for each employee.



                           Our bike shed                                                    Our bamboo canteen and dormitory


                           Our Doctor and company clinic                                                 Our security team