Our manufacture has highly skilled operators and all kinds of RoHS automatic/ semi-automatic equipments. Our top-ranking R&D engineering team supports the production and designing of fixture and test equipment as well as designing products in the area of electronic, mechanical and plastic. In advanced contract manufacturing we adapt existing designs to meet local requirements (for instance, PCBs, tooling, LCDs) in close cooperation with our clients. We also make art designs for our production and packing.

With experienced workers who were supported both by engineers/technicians and RoHS automatic/semi-automatic equipment, our bonding department has a daily production capacity of 20,000 PCBs (100 wires on average).
Our SMD department is equipped with new computer reflow-ovens and complete accessory tools such as stencils, printing machines, etc. It can produce up to 40,000 PCBs per day.
 SMT pick and place line:
Our SMT team is famous for the extreme precision of the pick, and also have auto pick and place machine, its high flexibility and quick adaptation to any new projects. Our SMT pick and place machine for mass production is available now.
It corresponds to the medium process of assembly. Workers in this department have at least five years of experience in hand soldering.
This is the final step of assembly, testing and quality checking. The working process is controlled by both the engineering team and the management team of line leaders and production supervisors.
 ICT test room:
In our constant search for high-class quality, we write the software and design the vacuum adaptor by ourselves for every product.
We perform the packing once the final products have passed the last quality control. Packing is properly verified for each box in order to ensure high protection of goods during transportation.
In the burn-in room, we test the functioning of products under high temperature. The room is heated up to 60; the products are attached to test-jigs to check if they work 100% under different circumstances.
 Low humidity storage:
For special products such as copper bars, metal parts or semi-finished PCBs, we have a dedicated room with heating and dry air. Inside the room, the temperature is always between 18 and 28 with humidity rate of 30%. This protects the goods from high humidity damages.