Fontane ACM powder painting workshop is equipped with advanced powder spraying devices used for metallic surfaces paint jobs as well as auxiliary facilities compliant with requirements of environmental protection. Our equipment utilizes advanced electrostatic spraying technology and is consistent with the standard of RAL K5/process. We employ experienced spraying engineers and spraying technicians and the workers of over five years working experience. We have adopted European project management mode for 31 years and implemented ISO9001 standard of quality management and control.


Our monthly production is over 10.000 units of small, medium and extended size and our powder painting can meet the machining requirements of high quality for small to large batch production of surface spray for metal products up to big metal cases. The details of equipments and technology are as following:

 The equipments for preparations and pretreatment, a grinding machine, a polishing machine. The immersion tank used for removing grease, oil and dirt, the washing tank, and diesel drying furnace, etc.

 The drying machine utilized for water elimination has diesel heating system and exhaust system which cause no environmental pollution. The temperature can be adjusted between 0-200 and temperature tolerance is 5. The temperature can reach 100 within 15 minutes. The drying machine has circular transport system.

 The high pressure and electrostatic spray machine: implement the safety standard of IP54. 0-100KV. The max spraying powder quantity is 400g per minute. By using this machine the spray effect of products is excellent, the powder spraying is uniform on the metal surface and the powder adhesion is very good.

 Spray booth: The powder booth is equipped with automatic powder recovery system with three filter elements. The rate of air cleaning is 88%, the rate of powder recycling is 98% and zero emission.

 The drying machine for powder sprayed surfaces has diesel heating system and exhaust system with no environment pollution. The temperature can be adjusted from 0-250, the temperature control unit can display four temperature regions, and temperature tolerance is 3. The drying machine can reach 100 within 15 minutes and is equipped with circular transport system. The color error is in 0.5-1.5 NBS.