We are well equipped for electronic production assembly and any kind of labor-intensive work. We can also produce our own plastic parts.

Using the latest technology with traditional hand craft assembly techniques, we are confident that we can satisfy all your electronic assembly requirements.




Our mission is to provide clients with extremely reliable and cost effective products that meet unique needs, provide a significant marketing edge, and to provide long term product and client support offering the broadest array of integrated services from the management of component logistics and assembly ready kits through to fully tested PCBs and sub assemblies.




In order to meet the requirements of the European Directive about lead free products and RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances), we invested in new equipments that enable us to manufacture products that are already lead free and in compliance with RoHS directive.

Since our settlement, we have always met the requirements of European market's quality standards. We work according to the principle of continuous improvement and fear no comparison.

Every incoming material or samples from new suppliers or for new projects has to be tested and evaluated by our project engineering team as an evidence and feedback for the supplier.

Each lot of materials from our suppliers has to be fully checked by IQC for release. The defect materials will be kept from production at the very beginning of our production process.


For circuit development, we have a deep know-how about:

>Digital radio-controlled clocks

>Micro controller applications

>Time switch control systems for the industry

>Hand free devices

>Wireless transmission systems

>Amplifier technology

>Power supply switches

>Wireless controlled devices

>LCD display devices

>House electronics (House management applications)




Our aim is to build long term business relationships with each and every one of our clients.

High quality, flexibility and repeatability is obtained by full microprocessor control and supervising system. Assembly internal quality check fulfilling and exceeding ISO requirements.

Our manufacturing capabilities ensure the highest build quality to ISO 9001 standards.