Fontane ACM Group was established 31 years ago, the area of industrial park of ACM is 35,000 square meters. Our extensive services are in the areas of electronics and mechanics. From modules and parts to complete turnkey projects. We offer you with our in-house production.

Contract Manufacturing for industrial partners in all areas of:

Elektronics: Semi-finished and finished Products of Hi-Tech design and quality demand. All required production processes inhouse: Bonding, SMT, PCB Assembly, RoHS technology, Wave soldering, Potting etc. LCD and LED technology, all kinds of Power management like inverters/converters, power supplies, controllers, Audio equipment, Wireless applications. Incircuit testing, TUEV, UL, ISO 9001 and VDE certificates, Incircuit computer testing. Calibration, High Tech test equipment and in- house making of product based testers and adapters.

Mechanical: Plastic Parts with tooling up to 750 grammes, according to customers' designs, also designing by our own engineers. High class precision parts with small tolerances available. Metal parts of steel, copper and aluminium with CNC machines for all. All kind of surface treatment like plating, color spraying and powder coating. Complete cases of high precision up to large dimensions All WITHOUT tooling costs.

Own R&D: Specialized in design of Wireless modules and technology form 40kHz to 2.4GHz, small and powerful and applicable for many projects with integration into the customers' designs, Transmitters, Receivers and Transceivers (bidirectional), complete wireless remote controls and all kind of applications customer tailored.

Audio Technology: Digital HIFI amplifiers of different power output. Own design department for customers' requirements. Wireless Audio transmission modules. Laboratory Certificates available. Devices for Power Management products as per customers' specification.

With our two factories in Poland and China, we can provide you both in Europe and Asia, high quality products at reasonable prices. Our University-related R&D center in Romania offers you European skills and know-how to be implemented in China and Poland.

Germany, Poland, Romania and China: a winning combination!