You can find in the table below a brief overview of our capacities in electronic:

      Manual pick and place
        Minimum component size         0402
        Maximal speed

        Up to 45 pcs per minute

        Up to 12 pcs per minute for capacitors 

        Up to 10 pcs per minute for resistors

        Semi automatic speed         1 wire per 0.5 second
        Wire thickness         0.0125 mm
      Reflow oven
        Number of chambers         8
        Temperature range         From 150oC to 250oC
        Tolerance         +/- 10%

Production is already available in all automatic and semi-automatic equipments:

ICT machine T323

Semi-finished product function


In-circuit tester

Automatic bonding machines

Semi automatic bonding 


Receiver sensitivity

Auto PCB milling machine Oven Wave soldering machine