One of the topics we never underestimate in our constant quality concern is the Electro - Static Discharge (ESD) protection.


ESD is an issue as old as electronic itself. However, ESD protection is too often neglected by many manufacturers. Inobservance and ignorance regularly damage or destroy some work. Most of our partners have already had dreadful experiences with other suppliers.

We have always been aware of ESD damages on electronic parts and have identified the dangers related to it very early. Our production plants are built with modern ESD protection equipments. Moreover training sessions about ESD take place regularly; and the conformance to our strict internal regulations is constantly monitored by specially trained employees

The following methods are implemented and frequently checked to prevent ESD damages

  • Grounding of all the production units with mass networks smaller than 4 ohms
  • Grounding of each department
  • Doors for static discharge of the employees
  • Antistatic floor covering
  • Antistatic mat on all working places
  • Antistatic bracelets for every concerned working place
  • Antistatic packaging for both internal and external transportation
  • Antistatic trousers for workers
  • Antistatic shoes in sensitive areas
  • Updated antistatic measurement devices
  • Integration of all ESD preventive actions in our work instructions and test instructions

ESD protection is a very important issue for us. This is the only way to achieve the high level of quality and reliability that both our customers and we require.