The Fontane-ACM Group is a professional designer and manufacturer of active subwoofer amplifiers with more than 30 years of experience. Our new digital amplifier Series is well-designed according to European industrial designing standard of high-end amplifiers.

    Our ACM Digital Subwoofer series adopts the leading digital technology and comprehensive industry standard, which meets the Europe RoHS standard. It features a rich function palette, being able to provide powers starting from 80W RMS into either 4 or 8 Ohm loads. It features low and high level inputs, a low level output, phase adjustment, crossover adjustment, room compensation, switchable high pass filters for input and output, a standby power consumption of less than 1W meeting the EU standards and auto standby. The sound processing stage has been designed with regard to minimizing the phase delay at low frequencies, to ensure a clear and natural bass response. The active amplifier module series are suitable for professional stage, disco and Home surround entertainment systems.

    The operation panel is made of high- grade aluminum alloy material. The surface is finished with brushing and black oxidation treatment. Buttons are made of high quality rubber and feel comfortable complementing the professional and user friendly layout.

    The AC power interface is configurable to different regions (110VAC, 230 VAC).

    Internal circuitry adopts a modular design for easy expanding and updating of the products. All critical components use high quality material, and all electronic components adopt world-renowned brands. All mechanical parts are manufactured with German industrial standards. The Electronic and mechanical assembly follows the German exquisite and great reliability procedure and technology, a 100% rigorous sealing process to ensure high quality timbre output and all products undergo a 100% strict burn-in test.



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