ACE-ACM Poland was established in 1994 as a production plant of ACM Group in Europe.
Since that time we are the trustworthy partner in manufacturing and trade.

We are experienced in all types of copper works and the ones prepared according to the customer's drawings within maximum 4 weeks time. With no preliminary samples needed!

We specialize in preparing different copper parts:

various sizes from small to large ones
different level of complexity and precision- including high precision ones
semi finished copper parts, according to customer's requests
various shapes
Because of broad range of our copper services the list mentioned above is not complete.
Please contact us if you are interested in detailed information. We are ready to satisfy your needs.


►Copper elements testing:
Pressure tests of small size copper element
Pressure tests of large size copper element
Intensive pressure test of every copper item containing pipes


►Several machines used for copper treatment:
CNC SHENYANG 850 VMC machine center with general parameters:
, X-850mm
, Y-500mm
, Z-320mm

Mikron WF3 numerically controlled milling machine with general parameters:
, X-500mm
, Y-500mm
, Z-320mm

Semi automatic Mikron general purpose milling machine:
ACE- ACM Poland also can offer complex production/ service for metals treating:
welding, all methods of soldering including brazing

ACE-ACM Poland fulfils the requests of European Union in the field of RoHS. The factory is ISO 9001:2000 certified.


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