Our R&D center always orients to "Improvement, Innovation and Perfection". And the development of technical products takes place mostly in our Development Center in Romania.

Since its birth, our Development Center has made great progress in the global sourcing industry and has been making high-performance, versatile and low-pollution products. Refocused on environmental protection and energy saving, our R&D's efforts on product innovation have become invincible in the fierce market competition, all our production are manufactured with RoHS Technology (Reduction of Hazardous Substances).

Our engineering teams in Poland and China can coordinate and implement modifications in circuits or other kind of changes in a short period of time. Our customers developed products that are already ready for mass production can be smoothly transferred to production with the help of our experience and know-how. This reduces the cost and increases long term reliability.

For Electronic development, we have a deep know-how in:

- Digital radio-controlled clocks
- Micro controller applications
- Time switch control systems for the industry
- Radio controlled time switches of all kinds
- Hand free devices
- Wireless transmission systems
- Amplifier technology
- Audio amplifiers
- Power supply switches
- Wireless controlled devices
- LCD display devices

For Mechanical development, our professional know-how in:

- Ventilation grids
- Fixture systems
- Radiators
- Steel housings
- Battery contacts
- Screen plates
- Tooling
- Diverse metal forms

For Plastic development, we gained a special know-how in:

- Every kind of housing design
- Clip and fixture systems
- LCD waterproof housings
- Wall clock systems
- Loudspeakers housings
- Transparent plastic lenses